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December 23, 2006

First migration of BT 21CN

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BT’s new 21st century network initiative (21NC) is a UK-wide IP based initiative that purports to give customers quicker and cheaper access to combined voice, data and broadband and multimedia services.  Customers in South Wales are the first to be successfully migrated.

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Deutsche Telekom appoint new CEO

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Deutsche Telekom have appointed Rene Obermann as their new CEO replacing Kai-Uwe Ricke.  European Personnel Director, Walter Raizner, has also left the company.

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December 19, 2006

Getting ready for MiFID

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The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is potentially the biggest and most far-reaching EU Directive to affect the financial services environment for the foreseeable future. The live date for compliance with MiFID is April 30, 2007 – leaving less than two years for firms to prepare.

Previously known as ISD2, MiFID will replace the current Investment Services Directive. It aims to provide a consistent and level playing field for both the supplier and buyer of financial services across all EU member states.

Now that CESR has met its deadlines and completed its Level 2 advice, both HM Treasury and the FSA are working to produce papers in the late autumn on the UK implementation timetable. The pressure is therefore on firms to quickly gain a full understanding of what MiFID requires, particularly in light of its complexity and scope. Uniquely among European directives, it has implications for most areas of a financial services organisation, including compliance, senior management, IT, legal, client services, HR, operations, trading execution, internal audit, custody, organised structure, buy-side and sell-side.

Jana and its Financial Service partners, which cover the UK and Europe are already working with firms to understand how this impacts their organisation and their internal applications.

There isn’t a lot of time to prepare for MiFID so for a free consultation on how Jana can help please contact us.

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Manufacturing Online

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We recently helped a business go from the concept to design stage with a manufacturing product that even 2 or 3 years ago would have been impossible to achieve.

The average early stage business would not have been able to afford to go to a proof of design phase to get early stage venture capital backing becuase they don’t have access to a £10K CAD package and a £250K CNC milling machine.

EMachineShop allows you to use EMachineShop’s CAD package to design and then produce a manufactured product.  This is a great example of the levelling power of the Internet which gives individuals access to tools and services that they would not otherwise be able to access.

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Microsoft Revisits Software as a Service (SaaS)

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At this years IT conference in Barcelona Microsoft announced that it is revisiting Software as a Service.

Microsoft’s new initiative is called Microsoft Managed Services and is focused on complete hosted packages in which Microsoft provides a server environment with a fixed set of hosted services pre-installed.

Microsoft recently acquired softricity (ww.softricity.com) and its SoftGrid system which is specifically designed to “turn any windows application into a dynamic, centrally managed service.”

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