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March 5, 2007

Addressing SAAS integration issues

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The success of the software as a service application model has led to increased issues around integration, particularly across application platforms to enable SAAS services to be offered.

A clarification of SaaS is that it delivers service functionality within a hosted application environment.  Users pay for the service which they can usually choose features to extend and/or turn off depending on their requirements.  The biggest player in this space is of course salesforce.com with a reputed 600K plus paying users.

An interesting article on TheServerSide by Joseph Ottinger looks at some of these issues, in particular devoping adaptors, network security issues, SLA monitoring etc.

Much of the article seems to have been taken from an survey recently conducted by MuleSource, the ESB Open Source Product.

There are some interesting issues touched upon here, many of which we at Jana have come across ourselves in our consulting practice when helping out prospective SaaS vendors. They are well worth thinking about upfront  when doing cross platform integration that is necessary for service offerings.

Another interesting part of the article is that MuleSource have now released a beta connector for Salesforce.com to faciliate some of this cross paltform integration between systems. This is definately something to keep an eye on.  Mule is becoming more and more interesting as a core infrastructure component, and again proves the value that Open Source projects really do have.

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