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April 29, 2007

Understanding Overseas Charges for Good and Services

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Ever wanted to understand how much you would be charged for goods or services from abroad from the HMRC ?  Well, call the Tariff Classification Service on 01702 366 077.

Gifts under £36 are allowed in under the duty/VAT radar.  You can also visit the online service at http://www.tinyurl.com/tlfw7, but you’ll need the 10 digit classification code to find anything….

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April 25, 2007

Data Synapse Appoint New Managing Director of EMEA

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DataSynapse, the global provider of application virtualization software, has strengthened its Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) management team with the appointment of a new managing director and creation of two new roles within the management team.

The changes follow the increased uptake of application virtualization technology throughout Europe.Alun Baker joins DataSynapse as the new senior vice president and managing director for EMEA. Baker will leverage his extensive experience in enterprise application software to drive the adoption of DataSynapse’s GridServer and FabricServer application virtualization software products.

Baker brings to DataSynapse more than 10 years senior management experience in enterprise application software and is credited for his role in transforming numerous technology companies into globally recognized, successful businesses. Prior to this appointment, Baker was vice president for Northwest Europe at Lawson Software, and before that, senior vice president for EMEA at Sonic Software.

He has also held senior management roles at TIBCO and Oracle. In addition, Baker held the role of non-executive chairman of the infrastructure consultancy, Company-I, for the last five years through to January, when he led its successful sale to Symantec.

DataSynapse Appoints New Managing Director for EMEA

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April 24, 2007

GizmoSMS – Free SMS sending

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Michael Robertson, the man behind mp3.com and Linspire has added a new twist to his Gizmo free phone project. Gizmo has launched its new Gizmosms service.While the SMS market is huge, 45 billion dollars worldwide approximately. This service is certainly not the first of its kind.So whats exciting about this service, besides the man behind it all, when we have already seen so many sites providing an sms service.a) With Gizmo, you do not need to know the carrier of the number you are smsing(or texting as it is known in some parts).

b) There doesnt seem to be any restriction on which carrier is supported. Or a large number of carriers are supported and this ofcourse is hidden from the user.

c) That makes the user interface clean. Requiring you to just know the number and the country where the sms needs to be sent to.

d) the site doesnt require you to register.Michael does make tall claims of it being the best of its kind and the fastest. But I havent received my sms in the last 15 minutes. But all u text freaks, do check it out.

Goozilla: GizmoSMS

It will be interesting to see how Micahel plans to make money out of this, unless his only aim is to gain mass market and then introduce premium feature charges i.e. instant delivery instead of ‘it will get there when it gets there’ delivery..

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Morrisons overhauling core IT infrastructure

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Morrisons, the UK online retailer, is to spend £10 million pounds overhauling its core IT infrastructure.  The supermarket chain plans to migrate its customised IT systems to packaged software systems  over the next 3 years.  These systems include distributions, finance, and payroll systems.

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Cisco aquires Webex

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Cisco acquired Webex, the online conferencing company, for $3.2 billion.  Webex has over 2 million users and provides video, web and conferencing services as well as a suite of email. collaboration and desktop management tools.

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Shai Agassi to leave SAP

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Shai Agassi is to leave SAP. Shai had been the driving force behind the SAP’s SOA strategy and had been widely tipped to replace Henning Kagermann as CEO. It’s not sure why Shai has left but it is perhaps because Kagermann’s contract was extended last year leaving Shai uncertain about his immediate career future.

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