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May 22, 2007

Microsoft aquire Aquantive

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Microsoft seem to be in aquisition mood, after acquiring ScreenTonic, they have now paid over the odds to acquire Aquantive. Their offer was an astonishing 85% premium on the previous day closing price.

Google’s acquisition of Doubleclick meant that they could not afford to lose out on Aquantive. It was a good fit with the company being also based in Seattle.

Aquantive are probably best known as the owner of Avenue A Razorfish, a long established digital marketplace agency.

May 21, 2007

Are mid-sized businesses ignored by the Technology Industry ?

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Well according to a recent survey by YouGov they are:

– 60% feel that ey are overlooked by Trade bodies and associations

– 70% feel that they are overlooked by vendors and suppliers

– 48% feel that they UK offers inadequate support for a mid-market company

– 9% feel that they UK offers no support at all

If you look at the these type of SME’s , those that employ between 50-1000 people, then you find about 85000 companies who contribute more than a trillion pounds per year to the UK economy, and who employs a third of the UK’s total workforce….

As the big companies look at how they can expand revenues however, they have targetted the mid-market as a potential untapped revenue source.  Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Siebel and other have all put efforts, energy and in some caes specialised lite versions of products to try and tap into this sector.

It remains to be seen whether these type of behemouth’s can provide the customer care and service factor that these type of organsiations are used to, given that they tend to use smaller organsiation and products that can offer more personal service.

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Is the traditional method of deploying software dead ?

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…well it is certainly going that way according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.  In a recent PWC report they state that the introduction of SOA and SaaS is radically reshaping the way that businesses pay for software, meaning that companies are now used to, and looking for, as shift from up front license payments to value-based subscription licensing.

From a vendor perspective however, this is not always good news.  Vendors locked into up-front payments are finding it hard to move their business model,and many will either evolve or die trying….

Klaus Kleinfeld to stand down

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Klaus Kleinfeld, CEO for Siemens, has announced that he will stand down later this year. German Police continue to investigate claims that Siemens officials bribed government officials in order to win contracts.

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Tesco announce plans for BPM Project

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Tesco, the UK supermarket behemouth, has annnounced plans for a business process management project that aims to standardise business processes and core IT functions across its 2000 stores in 14 countries.  The aim of the project is to cut costs and to simplify IT operations and eventually will replace its many national IT departments with one sole IT department.

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May 18, 2007

Trax2 now available for repurchase argreements

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The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) has announced that its trade matching and regulatory reporting system Trax2 is now available to the buy side for repurchase agreements. This marks a significant milestone, according to ICMA, as it the first time that both buy and sell side firms can match and report repo trades using the same system.

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BT to host Logiscope TradeSTP

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BT Radianz has announced it has reached an agreement with Logicscope under which it will use the vendor’s shared market infrastructure to offer hosted access to Logiscope’s multi-asset trade notification product TradeSTP

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May 13, 2007

The Success of S3

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Amazon S3’s paid for infrastrcure hosting model has been a huge success and now hosts five billion objects.  S3 allows developers and startups to concentre on coding rather than figuring out where they want to host and how much rackspaces they want.  A flexible and cheap pricing model makes the service a no-brainer.

The processing equivalent, EC2m is currently frozen to new users whilst Amazon adds additiona power.

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Changing Nature of Web 2.0

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In the past if you cannot access the Internet then you cannot use your Web 2.0 applications. This model is rapidly changing.  New pogramming models are emerging that alllow Web 2.0 to be offline /online dependant on what is needed.

The first of these is Adobe Apollo, which is a cross-platfrom technology that combined Flash, HTML, PDF and JavaScript into one universal application programming model / paradigm.  What is unique is that id doesn’t care if if it runs on its own or embedded in a webpage, the API calls remains the same.

A competing project using the same core concept is Dekoh, except this is done with Java rather than the Adobe combination of technologies.  More libraries are due to be released for web languages such as PHP and you can find some demo apps from the site.

More cutting edge languages are also not left out. Slingshot is geared towards Ruby on Rails and this also features the ability to create an offline version of all your data and run it straight from the original code.

Rather than this being a YAPP (Yet another Programming Paradigm….) this truly has the ability to change the nature of how and where software is used, and how it is built.

At Jana we’ve already started using Apollo and our early feedback is that this really does deliver compelling results. Watch this space, this is going to be big !

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May 11, 2007

Spring gets $10 million in VC funding

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Interface21, the company that develops and supports Spring has announced that it has received $10 million in Series A financing from Benchmark Capital. The new funds will be used to accelerate product development and expand marketing, sales and support infrastructure to scale their professional open source offerings around Spring and related products.

InfoQ: Interface21 (Spring) gets 10M VC Funding

Its amazing how profitable open source can be these days isn’t it………good news for Rod Johnson and for the Interface 21 guys – well done !

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